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4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of “Siam”

4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of  Siam – Bangkok Thailand


63096190 – bangkok – august 4, 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand.

            Journeying inside the heart of Bangkok can be exciting especially when it is about shopping. We never get bored of the joy when seeing brand-new accessories or witnessing bizarre visual. It almost feels like some stuff can really tap into our minds, and put some smiles on our faces. However, if you want to shop at these iconic shopping centers of Siam, you have to prepare yourself for more than just that, because they are not only designed to touch your money but your soul. 


50472898 – bangkok, thailand- april 30, 2015: fountain near siam paragon shopping mall.this is one of the biggest shopping center in asia. it includes a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants.

Siam Paragon

            It is one of the liveliest shopping centers which aims to respond to all aspects of your desires. Either you want to hang out with your friends playing bowling, buying a new luxury car for your estate, or tasting delicious gourmet meals, this place can serve it to you. One of the most interesting features is the “Sea Life Bangkok” aquarium on the basement floor where you and your family can enjoy exotic sea creatures. Some little tips are you can book in advance to obtain some discount for the ticket as well as utilize its tourist card to get most refund out of your shopping. Siam Paragon also constantly improves their space and implements new ideas while always maintaining its quality at the pinnacle. It is, therefore, the place you definitely should pay a visit.



63167850 – bangkok – june 30 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand

Siam Square One

            Siam Square One employs nature into its design creating bright, airy and refreshing space for people. It holds a perfect combination of food and shopping with many unique stores and restaurants being the main feature. Famous for its fair cuisine, crowds usually gather here to savor appetizing dishes and connect with each other. Its shopping zones are, likewise, shine by tons of local store assembling on the B floor offering special merchandises and souvenirs you cannot find in traditional brand shops. Moreover, the shopping center has KBank SIAM PIC-GANESHA Theatre, the third biggest theatre in Thailand, on its 7th floor which you can check the schedule for performances to fit with yours and maximize the memorable experience during your stay.



63167849 – bangkok – june 30 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand

Siam Discovery

            This shopping center focuses heavily on its extraordinary concept while integrating art as a part of its structure. Every floor is stylized to match with different lifestyles reflecting parts of our lives. Lots of professional brand stores are available for you to stop by along with some that you might not be able to find anywhere else. The two services that rise above all are the coworking space “Discovery Habba” and the world-class fitness “Virgin Active”. By establishing the idea sharing space, Siam Discovery steps beyond the mainstream providing an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to share and discover their dreams, while attracting new generation customers with the world of exercise complex on 4500 sq. meters. You might become a regular here before you know it.



80140539 – bangkok , thailand : june 8,2017 siam center is a shopping center near siam bts station

Siam Center

            Siam Center is where technology meets with shopping. To distinguish itself from the rest and prevent people to grow bored, the place invites you to interact, have fun and shop for the most recent trend at the same time. Holding fashion as its core, the shopping center implement digital closet for you to try out endless outfits as one of many features. Among the stores, there are some exclusive to Siam Center which you will not encounter at any part of the world. Also, it values the young blood by open up a gate of opportunity for fresh designers to present their creations which may amaze even experts. It is the location you cannot miss for all the reasons.

            Shopping center does not have to be all about shopping. It can provide you with dreams, ideas, activities and connections. Whether you plan to go as a lone wolf or in a lovely pack, these places are ready to welcome you with loads of fun. The only warning is that be prepared to go home with your hands full, your mind filled and your heart touched.




Siam Discovery – Explore your own lifestyle

Siam Discovery in Bangkok Thailand – Explore your own lifestyle


siam discovery,siam,bangkok

            As consumers’ demands, like ours, grow restlessly every second, mall after mall are trying to keep the pace. The change is so quick that some are even left behind in the old era, but not Siam Discovery. With recent renovation and implementation of ideas, it, now, becomes much more than just an ordinary shopping center magnetizing every single living heart under the concept of “The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments”.

Building of Art

            To engage customers in an exclusive atmosphere, the retail plans its building with the sense of art gallery. You can absorb the beauty in the air as you slowly walk on your shopping journey or savor tasty meals in a gourmet café. Each part of the space is also resemblance exhibition which tells gripping story urging you to go on a new adventure.

Discovery Lab


siam discovery,siam,bangkok

            Naming itself a “hybrid retail”, Siam Discovery wishes to create totally unique and exciting experience for all the visitors. Each floor is separated into different “Lifestyle Lab”, yet seamlessly sews together with the design of “Discovery Lab” allowing you to discover and experiment the best version of yourself.

With aspects of lifestyles the labs contain, you will find them interesting even they are not the styles you are searching for.

G floor l Her Lab – This lab calls upon armies of brands only to please ladies. Professional stylists are willing to aid you with the latest fashion, but you may have to let them know in advance.

M floor l His Lab – As the name has mentioned, the lab is carefully planned specifically for men. Whether you are on a quest to find your own style or want to refine the existed one, this place welcomes you with open arms.

1st floor l Street Lab – Dreaming to be a king and queen of the street? Look no further as this lab has it all for you. Looking cool with the chic shoes or rocking soccer field with your new move is no longer a dream.

2nd floor l Digital Lab & Rubbers – If digital is your passion, then you are home. This lab is your gateway into digital world with brand-new gadgets and technology. Also, for individuals who are in love with the road, this floor will serve you well too. A simulation motorbike is resting here waiting to show its potential with the right rider.

3rd floor l Creative Lab – Let’s find your own wings of inspiration with this lab. With thousands of well-designed products, you can explore stories behind products and who knows? You might spark your imagination and create something beyond.

4th floor l Play Lab – Siam Discovery aims to keep you fun with this lab. You can enjoy and smile with the things you love; models, toys, bikes and many more. If you are a person of passion, dream and idea for your own business, an idea-sharing space is waiting for you in this lab also to make it become reality.

5th floor l Innovation Lab – This lab mainly belongs to a world-class fitness Virgin Active. The club provides advanced innovative exercise as well as technology to help keep you in shape. You may be a regular here just after the first try.




My Kitchen

            The kitchen employs the idea of “Eat-Meet-Mingle” as a community hang out spot in Siam Discovery. It combines food into the joy of social interaction and lifestyle activities. The spot allows you to share ideas, have fun, or even connect with old and new faces along with premium food to keep your stomach full and your taste bud cheer. Many cuisines are available to be your choice keeping it away from being just a routine.

Now that I have already explored my lifestyles, it is time for yours. You cannot simply find it by just looking at the mirror in your house, but to go outside and discover. Siam Discovery is a good place to begin your own story and if you look closely enough, certainly you will see your true self through this Exploratorium.



4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of “Siam

센트럴 월드의 화물 보관소 – AIRPORTELs Thailand

센트럴 월드의 화물 보관소 – AIRPORTELs Thailand

        웃음과 문화, 세계 무대 명소인 태국에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 전 세계의 많은 사람들이 휴식이나 사업상의 대화를 위해 태국으로 와서 방콕을 결코 잠을 자지 않는 도시로 만듭니다. 심지어 야간에도 사람들은 혼란스러운 교통 상황에도 불구하고 외출합니다.

        이로 인해 지연이나 지각이 생길 수 있습니다! 센트럴월드는 광범위한 제품과 서비스를 제공하며 동남아시아에서 가장 큰 라이프스타일 쇼핑 단지입니다. 센트럴월드를 방문하기 위해, BTS는 가장 편리한 교통 수단입니다. Chit Lom 또는 Siam 역에서 스카이워크를 사용하여 센트럴월드로 들어갈 수 있습니다. 에어포텔에 의한 센트럴월드 수하물 배달 카운터는 1층 그루브 존에 있습니다.

        에어포텔은 수하물 비서로 센트럴월드, 공항 또는 방콕에 있는 호텔들 사이에서 수하물을 운반합니다. 모든 수하물에 대해 10만 바트의 보상금이 있을 것이며, 모든 수하물이 목적지에 도착할 것이라는 100% 보장이 있을 것입니다. 고객은 이메일, Facebook, LINE 또는 WeChat을 통해 수하물의 상태를 확인할 수 있습니다. 또한 MBK 센터와 터미널 21 모두에서 보관소를 운영하고 있습니다. 현재 저희의 용량은 24시간 보안 하에 있는 2,500개의 수하물입니다.

       그냥 단순한 수하물 보관소가 아니라, 에어포텔은 고객님에게 더 많은 혜택을 제공합니다. 저희는 그것이 때때로 왼쪽 수하물을 다시 모으기 위해 당신의 시간을 낭비한다는 것을 이해합니다. 따라서, 우리는 당신의 원하는 장소로 수하물 배달 서비스를 제공합니다. 수하물만 에어포텔 카운터에 보관할 수있는 것은 아닙니다. 전자 기기들, 예를 들어 대부분의 장소에서 거부되는 노트북 컴퓨터는 카운터에 남겨 둘 수 있습니다. 심지어 스포츠 장비, 에어포텔과 같은 큰 물건들도 그것들을 돌봄니다. 골프 가방이나 자전거를 저희와 함께 두시면 됩니다.

센트럴월드 수하물 보관소 하이라이트

  • 센트럴월드 수하물 보관소에서 2시간 무료
  • 자전거 보관소 및 기타 스포츠 장비
  • 장기 수하물 보관소
  • 최대 10만 바트의 보험
  • 방콕과 푸켓 지역의 공항과 호텔, 콘도 또는 게스트하우스 간의 수하물 배달
  • 에어포텔은 또한 수하물과 택배를 호텔이나 공항에 배달하고자하는 쇼핑 애호가를 만족시키기 위해 수하물 및 택배 배달 서비스를 제공합니다. 저희 센트럴월드 수하물 보관소 창구는 오전 10시부터 오후 10시까지 이용 가능합니다.

Long Term Luggage Storage in Bangkok

Long Term Luggage Storage Bangkok

Best price with extra service for better convenience



  • 500 THB/Week (17 USD)
  • 1500 THB/Month (45 USD)
  • 3 Counters for dropping: Suvarnabhumi Airport, MBK center and Terminal 21
  • Free delivery within Bangkok
  • Insurance up to 100,000 THB


AIRPORTELs is a company with the idea to solve luggage problem and increase more convenience in your travel. Bangkok, Thailand is one of cities that never sleep. There are many direct flights to Bangkok and many tourists choose Bangkok as the hub to start the journey in South East Asia. Starting your light flight without worry with your heavy luggage, luggage storage is the helper.

AIRPORTELs highly recommend using long term luggage storage with us. It’s a high quality service with the reasonable price. You can drop your luggage at any AIRPORTELs’ counters and you don’t need to come back to collect your luggage since we will deliver it back to you. AIRPORTELs has 3 counters for you to leave your luggage to us.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport counter is on the B floor which is the same level as the airport rail link to Bangkok. You can see the big black box with yellow strips on the right side.
  • MBK center is a shopping mall located in Siam. You can visit this counter via BTS. Either Siam Station or National Stadium is fine, but National Stadium is nearer. It is on 6th floor, B zone.
  • Terminal 21 counter is the newest one. It is in the Sukhumvit area where you can access via BTS Asoke or MRT Sukhumvit. This counter is on the 1st floor under Tokyo theme near the elevator.

After you leave your stuff at our counter, if you choose to use our service more than 4 days, we will provide you free luggage delivery within Bangkok Area. In that case, you just provide us the desired place that you want to pick up your luggage so you can save time from coming back to the counter and take your stuff back.

The price of our luggage storage service is very friendly. The prices are as follows:

  • Luggage Storage per day: 100 THB (3 USD)
  • Luggage Storage for 7 days: 500 THB (17 USD)
  • Luggage Storage for 30 days: 1500 THB (45USD)
  • Luggage Storage for 6 months: 7000 THB (213USD)
  • Luggage Storage for 1 year: 12,000 THB (364USD)

AIRPORTELs has big concern on security. We provide insurance up to 100,000 THB for everything you leave with us. We have proper storage which can fill luggage up to 2,000 units!

AIRPORTELs can store other things that other places refuse. We are willing to take care of electronic devices such as laptops or sport equipment such as bicycles and golf bags.

The longer you leave your stuff with AIRPORTELs, the cheaper you pay!


For more detail of AIRPORTELs service, please contact us here

– Suvarnabhumi Counter at Basement floor around the airport station

– MBK Center Counter 6th floor B zone

– Terminal 21 Floor 1 (Tokyo floor)

Phone : +66 6321-666-99

Email : [email protected]



Kakao Talk : AIRPORTELs

Facebook : www.facebook.com/airportels

Top 10 World-Famous Spas in Thailand

Thai Spas – Top 10 World-Famous Spas in Thailand


Spas in Thailand,Thai Spas

               Thai Spas – The idea of Thai Spas sounds fabulous, isn’t it?  I guess that’s why Thailand is one of the world’s top spa destinations. So I am representing these top 10 world-famous spas in Thailand. Either you’re a foreigner or a local alike, you might have heard of these spas at some point.

  1.  Phothalai Leisure Park

                Phothalai Leisure Park could be named as Bangkoker’s Paradise. The place is packed with relaxing massage treatments, yoga classes, and Thai traditional massage method from Wat Pho which is regarded as the original Thai massage technique. Apart from spa treatments, they also offer classes like cooking, floral design, Thai boxing, massage, golf, driving golf etc. Oh my… I mean, like, what a marvelous place!  If you want to visit this spa, it is located near Ramintra Expressway.

  1.  Mulberry Spa

                Whoops! The name sounds yummy. But, you know, this isn’t a bakery nor café – it is a spa! It is located in Sikhumvit area. The place itself has cool and pleasant atmospheres. It is popular among office people. The interior design perfectly combines Western and Eastern styles. For the signature, the reflexology treatment is not just one of those ordinary treatments from random spa places. It is a combination of oil massage and pure aroma essential oil massage. For your information, they offer pedicure and beauty salon services as well.

  1.  Divana Virtue Spa

                Divana Virtue Spa is located on Sathorn road. You will see the fully renovated two-storied classic wooden house that was built in the reign of King Rama VI and a nice combination of its modern style furniture for the interior design. Well, all of this serves its World-Class Spa status for massage treatment and beauty salon.  The spa section consists of 9 rooms. The top one is “Queen of The Night”. The course takes 4 hours including activated detox charcoal foot massage, melting cellulite in warm water, bee pollen skin scrub, and detox seaweed hair treatment. True beauty from head to toe!

  1.  The Oasis Spa

                The Oasis Spa is a luxurious spa located on Petchaburi Tat Mai Road. The colonial-style building suits its white color that goes in contrast with earth-tone colors like brown, green, castle red etc. This spa offers facial, foot, and aromatic oil messages. The services are provided by professional massagers who are certificated and trained from abroad. The top spa course is “Queen of Oasis”, balancing your body and relaxing your muscles with aromatic and essential oil. 

  1.  Spa Ten

                Spa Ten is a classic Thai Spas, located in the heart of Bangkok. Don’t be surprise cause this place has a lot of the patrons. Its design has a fine combination of 4 elements consisting of earth, water, wind, and fire that creates such relaxing atmospheres. The signature course is “Sib Massage”, an oil massage treatment that relaxes both your body and mind.

  1.  Let’s Relax Spa

                Let’s Relax Spa Thai Spas. Well, the name pretty much sums up everything, relaxation and peace. This is the best premium spa you will ever find in Chiang Mai city, recommended by Lonely Planet guidebook. There are massage treatments such as volcano stone and essential oil – quite awesome, isn’t it? The signature is the volcano stone massage. The stones are rich in various kinds of mineral. When combining with essential oil massage, the head from the stone heals body pain, stress, and aches as well as boost blood circulation making your skin softer.

  1.  Banyan Tree Spa

                Another spa located in the heart of Bangkok that has been loved by both Thai people and foreigners. With its relaxing atmosphere represented in contemporary traditional Thai style, no wonder why it’s always on the go. The place provides many sorts of treatment. The special one, though, is the method that cannot be found anywhere, “Tropical Rain”. Well, it starts with shower water spraying and the therapist’s special technique. Gosh! Isn’t it just marvelous!?  Anyway, the spa treatment that office folks will love is “Restful Balance”. The method is to massage your head gently. For women who are expecting and elders, I recommend “Tender Touch”, a delicate and gentle hand massage. 

  1.  S Medical Spa

                Another alternative for those who live in the city. S Medical Spa is surrounded by a fine garden, beautiful nature, and calming atmosphere – totally perfect for relaxation. The treatment here, is all about western medical science combined with spa treatment, just like its name. This sort of treatment is regarded as Holistic Therapy. The therapy is applied with modern technology and innovations e.g. weight-loss program, body and mind restoration retreats. There are also body detox programs which are promising for making you calm and feel as light as blowing features. The programs are not only relaxing but also good for your skin!


  1.  Pranali Wellness Spa

                This luxurious spa has a lot of patrons like CEOs and many potential clients: something to guarantee its premium quality. Pranali Wellness Spa is packed with every single kind of spa! Being located in the famous shopping mall like Siam Paragon, this spa has more than 10 flawlessly clean treatment rooms. Each inner spa treatment room has a unique interior design. The recommendations would be “Pranali Marvelous Herbal Compress”, the herbal hot ball massage that relaxes your mind and reduces stress by massaging body from feet to head. This method is really effective for reducing headaches and eye health problems.

  1.  Chiva Som

                Chiva Som is the one and only health resort in Thailand, located in a tourists’ city like Hua Hin. It is known for body and mind relaxation treatments and also internationally recognized as the Spa of Asia. Its reputation is guaranteed by the prize, Baccarat Asia Spa Award Spa Event of the Year in 2006. In 2002, it is also nominated as The Best Destination Spa in the World. Well, well, well, all those prizes and so on, you will have to come visit this place at least once. The signature program is a remarkable combination of every sort of spa methods, Thai, Chinese, Swedish, and so on. I can tell you that the vibes are surprising! Before you come for a treatment here, you have to do the whole body check to know what kind of massage that suits you well. Apart from that, there are also services like food serving and facilities etc.


luggage delivery


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공항/호텔 수하물 배송 서비스 (Airport Luggage Services)

공항/호텔 수하물 배송 서비스 (Airport Luggage Services)


Book now in : https://www.klook.com

  • 공항에 도착하면 수하물은 호텔로 보내고, 여행을 바로 시작하세요.
  • 호텔 체크아웃하고, 수하물은 수완나품 공항(BKK)으로 보내고, 편하게 남은 여행을 즐기세요.
  • 수하물 걱정 없이 양손을 자유롭게 남은 일정을 보내세요.
  • 방콕에서 스톱오버하는 여행자에게 수하물 보관 서비스 강력 추천!
  • 안전하고 편리한 수하물 배달 및 보관 서비스를 이용해보세요.


Book now : https://www.klook.com


수화물이 꼭 필요한 건 맞지만… 여행 중에는 짐이잖아요. 방콕 수완나품공항(BKK)에 도착해서 수화물 배달 서비스를 이용해보세요. 수화물은 호텔로 먼저 보내고, 여행을 바로 시작하세요. 여행 마지막 날에도 공항으로 먼저 짐을 보내고, 남은 일정을 편안하게 즐기세요. 출장 중에도 거추장스러운 수화물을 신경 쓰면서 회의에 참여할 필요도 없어요. 혹시 방콕에서 스톱오버를 할 계획인가요? 그렇다면 당연히 수화물 공항 보관 서비스를 이용해야죠. 24시간 동안 보안도 철저하게 이루어져서 분실 및 도난 우려 없이 안심하고 짐을 맡길 수 있답니다.


Klook에서 수하물 배송 서비스를 예약하고 양손 자유롭게 일정을 즐기세요.

분실 및 도난 우려 없이 안심하고 짐을 맡길 수 있답니다.


방콕 수하물 서비스로 편안한 여행을 시작하세요.
방콕 공항에서 만나보세요.
Book now in : https://www.klook.com

예약 확정:

  • 예약 후, 확정 메일과 바우처가 바로 발송됩니다.
  • 이메일을 받지 못한 경우, 스팸 메일함을 확인하거나 고객센터로 문의주세요.

패키지 옵션:

수하물 배달(Luggage Delivery)
  • 드롭: 수완나품(BKK) 공항, 픽업: 방콕 내 호텔
  • 드롭: 방콕 내 호텔, 픽업: 수완나품(BKK) 공항
  • 드롭: MBK 쇼핑몰, 픽업: 방콕 내 호텔
  • 드롭: MBK 쇼핑몰, 픽업: 수완나품(BKK) 공항
  • 수하물은 무료로 3일 동안 보관 가능해요. 3일 이후부터는 추가요금이 부과되며(하루 당 THB 100), 에어포텔 직원에게 직접 지불하세요.
수하물 보관(Luggage Storage)
  • 수완나품(BKK) 공항 보관
  • MBK 쇼핑몰 보관
  • 수하물을 찾아가는 장소와 보관하는 장소는 동일해야 합니다.

운영 시간:

  • 수완나품 공항 카운터: 매일 8:00am~11:00pm
  • MBK 쇼핑몰 카운터: 매일 10:00am~10:00pm
  • 수하물 배달 서비스 시간: 매일 8:00am~11:00pm

추가 정보:

  • 수하물은 방콕 내에 위치한 호텔로만 배달할 수 있어요.
  • 수하물은 항공편 출발 최소 2시간 전에 공항 카운터에서 수령해야 합니다.
  • 수하물의 크기와 무게에는 제한이 없어요.
  • 담당자가 배달 진행 상황을 알려드려요. 예약 시 태국에서 연락 가능한 연락처를 남겨주세요.
  • 이용 약관 참조 자세히 보기
  • 출력된 바우처 혹은 모바일 바우처를 제시하세요.
  • 바우처는 지정된 날짜와 시간에 한해 유효합니다.
  • 예약자는 사진 확인이 가능한 유효한 신분증 또는 여권과 바우처를 함께 제시해야 합니다.

드롭/픽업 과정:

수완나품 공항 드롭/픽업
  • 운영 시간 동안 수하물을 드롭하거나 픽업할 경우, B층 RB17에 위치한 에어포텔 카운터로 가세요.(에어포트 레일-링크 역 옆에 위치)
  • 카운터는 수완나품 국제 공항에서 에어포트-레일 링크 방향으로 걷다 보면 왼편에 있습니다.
  • 운영 시간: 매일 8:00am~11:00pm
호텔에서 드롭/픽업
  • 호텔 컨시어지에게 수하물 드롭/픽업을 요청하세요.(호텔에서 수하물을 수거할 때까지 기다리지 않아도 돼요.)
  • 다음 안내문을 호텔 리셉션에 제시하세요.: 에어포텔 수하물 서비스จะเป็นผู้ขนส่งกระเป๋าที่ฝาก ของลูกค้าท่านนี้
MBK 쇼핑몰 드롭/픽업
  • 운영 시간 동안 수하물을 드롭하거나 픽업할 경우, 몰 6층에 위치한 에어포텔 카운터로 가세요. 지도 자세히 보기
  • 운영 시간: 매일 10:00am~10:00pm

드롭/픽업 시간:

호텔에서 수완나품 (BKK) 공항
  • 공항에서 8:00am~12:00pm에 수하물을 수령하려면 호텔 리셉션에 수하물을 맡기세요. 전날 8:00pm 이전
  • 호텔 리셉션에서 12:00pm~11:00pm에 수하물을 수령하려면  수완나품 공항에 수하물을 맡기세요.픽업 시간 최소 4시간 전
수완나품(BKK) 공항에서 호텔/ MBK 쇼핑몰에서 수완나품(BKK) 공항/ MBK 쇼핑몰에서 호텔
  • 운영 시간에는 수하물을 카운터에 맡겨주세요.픽업 시간 최소 4시간 전
  • 주의 위의 절차를 준수하지 않았을 경우 요청한 시간에 수령받지 못 할 수도 있습니다.

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Bangkok Street Food – 5 Tasty street food in Bangkok

5 the best places street food in Bangkok




Bangkok Street Food
44456402 – bangkok street food


When it comes to food, you almost can’t resist this idea, right? Well, working out or losing weight does not matter at all because food always comes first. Today, we’re going to take a look at 5 Street Food destination in Thailand with great atmospheres and delicious cuisine. Let’s make a list.


  1. Victory Monument

It’s the place that can truly be called “Food Land”. Victory monument is always crowded since it is the center of mass transportations. There was even a saying in Thai, “Every road leads to Victory Monument”. Of course, this assemble point must be packed with delicacy right? You can fill your tummy with a wide range of cuisine, from sweet to savory in the alleys and streets.

How to get there: BTS, Victory Monument Station

Operating Hours: 10.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Recommended Restaurants:

– Toy Kuaitiao Ruea Lang Wat (Boat Noodles), (located on the backside of Ma Kok Temple, near Ratchawiti Hospital)

– Fish Maw in gravy soup, Je Deang Chuan Chim (located on Ratchawiti Road, Soi 6, on the opposite side of Wutthisak Clinic)

– Soi Kuaitiao Ruea (Boat Noodles Alley) (There are several eateries on Phaholyothin Road, just before you reach the express van station under the tollway)


  1. Yaowarat

How can we miss this one?! This area is loved by both Thai people and foreigners because it is packed with yummy food. If you have never been to Yaowarat, well, you’re out.  It has savory cuisine, fruits, smoothie, and desserts – all you can taste while strolling around. It is surely a treasure for food hunters indeed.

How to get there: MRT, Hualamphong Station

Operating hours: Local market at day and street food area at night, starting from 18:00 PM ‘til early morning

Recommended Restaurants:

– Jek Pui Rice and Curry (Je Chie)

– Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea & Ginkgo Nuts with Fresh Milk

– Fried Noodle with Chicken, Nai Hong (Mr. Hong)

– Toy & Kit Seafood (T&K SEAFOOD)

– Paste of rice noodle, Kuai Jab Podchana



3.Rachawat Market / Sri Yan Market

Rolling away from Yaowarat, you will find a quieter district like Dusit. Take Nakornchaisri Road and it leads you to the 2 oldest markets in town. Ratchawat Market is filled with food on both sides of the boulevard. Keep going for a little bit, you will see Sri Yan Market that is rich in good quality cuisines, both for the market zone and the street food zone.

How to get there: Take Bus No.14 from Victory Monument or Bus No. 524 from BTS Saphankwai Station

Operating hours: Afternoon is the best time for lunch

Recommended Restaurants :

– One Star Roast Duck

– Gang Pa Sri Yan (Fish Curry Sri Yan)

– Rachawat Noodle in Gravy Soup


  1. Charoenkrung and Bangrak

Another famous foodie destination that conquers any ideas of getting fat. You might tell your friend, “I’m gonna get fat and nothing’s gonna stop me cause there’s a lot of food here.” Once you walk through Charoenkrung street to every corner and alley, you will see fatty grilled pork, sweet-scented noodle soup, roast duck, and fresh fruits as well as vegan restaurants. Well, Charoenkrung has every sort of cuisine gathered here.

How to get there: BTS, Saphan Taksin Station

Operating hours: day and night

Recommended Restaurants:

– Ku Lap Pork Boat Noodle

– Prachak Roast Duck

– Tienzin Vegan Restaurant

– Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant





5.Talad Plu

A traditional street food destination that stems from Wongwien Yai. It is packed with international cuisines and a wide range of food options – many restaurants are guaranteed by awards and certifications. Take this auntie’s old-school Vietnamese stuffed crispy omelets place for example. She placed all her pictures and prizes on the electric post. Why waste more time? Come here at once!

How to get there: BTS, Talad Plu Sation

Operating hours: 24/7

Recommended Restaurants:

– Ting Fish Rich Soup

– Somsak Steamed Crab Meat


Well, those foodie destinations make you feel like you wanna go there and grab something to eat right away? Strolling around while eating food seems to be the idea you can’t resist. Forget about getting fat, it is time for food here!


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Bangkok Street Food More Article

Top 16 Bangkok Street Food Sanctuaries (Are You Ready to Eat?)

Street Food on Sukhumvit Soi 38 – Bangkok.com Magazine


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Luggage Delivery Don Mueang Airport by AIRPORTELs Bangkok Thailand


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