Luggage delivery to Airport

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How does the service work?

Airportels the trusted shipping company that leading Thailand’s luggage shipping service at the moment have provide 2 routes of service not only from the Airport to the hotel but also from hotels/accommodation to the airport. We know that one of the most frustrating part about travel is relying where to go first on your luggage, so we helped you ticked out that choice by offering you to try the new traveling experience in Bangkok which allow you to think outside the box while planning your wonderful trip in Thailand. No more of a long list on your traveling agenda about going back and forth to the hotel and your traveling spots anymore, by sending your bags or luggage directly to the airport from the hotel right after you checked out brings 50% more convenient to your trip and also reduce the disorder situation in your trip and gives you a  well-deserved vacation instead.

3 reasons why sending your luggage ahead is a better alternative


  1. The regulation of most of the hotels in Thailand is all customers should check out before 12.00-1.00 pm which makes it hard for travelers who have the flight at late night to arrange their schedule because it would be way to early to go to the airport and if you’re planning to go travel then you’ll have to drag their luggage along with you. This is why AIRPORTELs have a solution for you which allows you to enjoy the time in Bangkok more by ckecking out beforehand, then leave your luggage with us to deliver, and go travel hassle free.


  1. Due to the first topic, fortunately, some of the hotels may have the luggage deposit service but you still have to come back to the hotel to get the stuff and go toward the total opposite direction to the airport. AIRPORTELs see the problems in this and help you have a better alternative by leave your luggage with us, go and enjoy your day surrounded with Bangkok’s sights, and come back to the Airport later when it’s time for checking in with your airlines. Make things easier for you is our professional job, so no worries and enjoy your precious leftover time in Bangkok.


  1. When peoples talk about Bangkok, you can’t avoid hearing the topic about the second worst traffic jam city in the world. AIRPORTELs realize how that more or less affected the travelers so we offering the luggage delivery service which allows you to go to the airport by other vehicle other than car such as the Airport Express which can surely avoid the traffic jam on the road.
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Easy, Convenient
and New travelling style
with our exclusive luggage delivery service

Our service will help you save your transportation costs, your mood on the road when suffering serious traffic jam or getting a cab, and, most importantly, your invaluable time!

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