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4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of “Siam”

4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of  Siam – Bangkok Thailand


63096190 – bangkok – august 4, 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand.

            Journeying inside the heart of Bangkok can be exciting especially when it is about shopping. We never get bored of the joy when seeing brand-new accessories or witnessing bizarre visual. It almost feels like some stuff can really tap into our minds, and put some smiles on our faces. However, if you want to shop at these iconic shopping centers of Siam, you have to prepare yourself for more than just that, because they are not only designed to touch your money but your soul. 


50472898 – bangkok, thailand- april 30, 2015: fountain near siam paragon shopping mall.this is one of the biggest shopping center in asia. it includes a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants.

Siam Paragon

            It is one of the liveliest shopping centers which aims to respond to all aspects of your desires. Either you want to hang out with your friends playing bowling, buying a new luxury car for your estate, or tasting delicious gourmet meals, this place can serve it to you. One of the most interesting features is the “Sea Life Bangkok” aquarium on the basement floor where you and your family can enjoy exotic sea creatures. Some little tips are you can book in advance to obtain some discount for the ticket as well as utilize its tourist card to get most refund out of your shopping. Siam Paragon also constantly improves their space and implements new ideas while always maintaining its quality at the pinnacle. It is, therefore, the place you definitely should pay a visit.



63167850 – bangkok – june 30 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand

Siam Square One

            Siam Square One employs nature into its design creating bright, airy and refreshing space for people. It holds a perfect combination of food and shopping with many unique stores and restaurants being the main feature. Famous for its fair cuisine, crowds usually gather here to savor appetizing dishes and connect with each other. Its shopping zones are, likewise, shine by tons of local store assembling on the B floor offering special merchandises and souvenirs you cannot find in traditional brand shops. Moreover, the shopping center has KBank SIAM PIC-GANESHA Theatre, the third biggest theatre in Thailand, on its 7th floor which you can check the schedule for performances to fit with yours and maximize the memorable experience during your stay.



63167849 – bangkok – june 30 2016:new siam discovery department store after renovated in new interior design. it is the new largest shopping mall in the center of bangkok. shopping mall in thailand

Siam Discovery

            This shopping center focuses heavily on its extraordinary concept while integrating art as a part of its structure. Every floor is stylized to match with different lifestyles reflecting parts of our lives. Lots of professional brand stores are available for you to stop by along with some that you might not be able to find anywhere else. The two services that rise above all are the coworking space “Discovery Habba” and the world-class fitness “Virgin Active”. By establishing the idea sharing space, Siam Discovery steps beyond the mainstream providing an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to share and discover their dreams, while attracting new generation customers with the world of exercise complex on 4500 sq. meters. You might become a regular here before you know it.



80140539 – bangkok , thailand : june 8,2017 siam center is a shopping center near siam bts station

Siam Center

            Siam Center is where technology meets with shopping. To distinguish itself from the rest and prevent people to grow bored, the place invites you to interact, have fun and shop for the most recent trend at the same time. Holding fashion as its core, the shopping center implement digital closet for you to try out endless outfits as one of many features. Among the stores, there are some exclusive to Siam Center which you will not encounter at any part of the world. Also, it values the young blood by open up a gate of opportunity for fresh designers to present their creations which may amaze even experts. It is the location you cannot miss for all the reasons.

            Shopping center does not have to be all about shopping. It can provide you with dreams, ideas, activities and connections. Whether you plan to go as a lone wolf or in a lovely pack, these places are ready to welcome you with loads of fun. The only warning is that be prepared to go home with your hands full, your mind filled and your heart touched.




Long Term Luggage Storage in Bangkok

Long Term Luggage Storage Bangkok

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AIRPORTELs is a company with the idea to solve luggage problem and increase more convenience in your travel. Bangkok, Thailand is one of cities that never sleep. There are many direct flights to Bangkok and many tourists choose Bangkok as the hub to start the journey in South East Asia. Starting your light flight without worry with your heavy luggage, luggage storage is the helper.

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  • Suvarnabhumi Airport counter is on the B floor which is the same level as the airport rail link to Bangkok. You can see the big black box with yellow strips on the right side.
  • MBK center is a shopping mall located in Siam. You can visit this counter via BTS. Either Siam Station or National Stadium is fine, but National Stadium is nearer. It is on 6th floor, B zone.
  • Terminal 21 counter is the newest one. It is in the Sukhumvit area where you can access via BTS Asoke or MRT Sukhumvit. This counter is on the 1st floor under Tokyo theme near the elevator.

After you leave your stuff at our counter, if you choose to use our service more than 4 days, we will provide you free luggage delivery within Bangkok Area. In that case, you just provide us the desired place that you want to pick up your luggage so you can save time from coming back to the counter and take your stuff back.

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– Terminal 21 Floor 1 (Tokyo floor)

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Bangkok Street Food – 5 Tasty street food in Bangkok

5 the best places street food in Bangkok




Bangkok Street Food
44456402 – bangkok street food


When it comes to food, you almost can’t resist this idea, right? Well, working out or losing weight does not matter at all because food always comes first. Today, we’re going to take a look at 5 Street Food destination in Thailand with great atmospheres and delicious cuisine. Let’s make a list.


  1. Victory Monument

It’s the place that can truly be called “Food Land”. Victory monument is always crowded since it is the center of mass transportations. There was even a saying in Thai, “Every road leads to Victory Monument”. Of course, this assemble point must be packed with delicacy right? You can fill your tummy with a wide range of cuisine, from sweet to savory in the alleys and streets.

How to get there: BTS, Victory Monument Station

Operating Hours: 10.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Recommended Restaurants:

– Toy Kuaitiao Ruea Lang Wat (Boat Noodles), (located on the backside of Ma Kok Temple, near Ratchawiti Hospital)

– Fish Maw in gravy soup, Je Deang Chuan Chim (located on Ratchawiti Road, Soi 6, on the opposite side of Wutthisak Clinic)

– Soi Kuaitiao Ruea (Boat Noodles Alley) (There are several eateries on Phaholyothin Road, just before you reach the express van station under the tollway)


  1. Yaowarat

How can we miss this one?! This area is loved by both Thai people and foreigners because it is packed with yummy food. If you have never been to Yaowarat, well, you’re out.  It has savory cuisine, fruits, smoothie, and desserts – all you can taste while strolling around. It is surely a treasure for food hunters indeed.

How to get there: MRT, Hualamphong Station

Operating hours: Local market at day and street food area at night, starting from 18:00 PM ‘til early morning

Recommended Restaurants:

– Jek Pui Rice and Curry (Je Chie)

– Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea & Ginkgo Nuts with Fresh Milk

– Fried Noodle with Chicken, Nai Hong (Mr. Hong)

– Toy & Kit Seafood (T&K SEAFOOD)

– Paste of rice noodle, Kuai Jab Podchana



3.Rachawat Market / Sri Yan Market

Rolling away from Yaowarat, you will find a quieter district like Dusit. Take Nakornchaisri Road and it leads you to the 2 oldest markets in town. Ratchawat Market is filled with food on both sides of the boulevard. Keep going for a little bit, you will see Sri Yan Market that is rich in good quality cuisines, both for the market zone and the street food zone.

How to get there: Take Bus No.14 from Victory Monument or Bus No. 524 from BTS Saphankwai Station

Operating hours: Afternoon is the best time for lunch

Recommended Restaurants :

– One Star Roast Duck

– Gang Pa Sri Yan (Fish Curry Sri Yan)

– Rachawat Noodle in Gravy Soup


  1. Charoenkrung and Bangrak

Another famous foodie destination that conquers any ideas of getting fat. You might tell your friend, “I’m gonna get fat and nothing’s gonna stop me cause there’s a lot of food here.” Once you walk through Charoenkrung street to every corner and alley, you will see fatty grilled pork, sweet-scented noodle soup, roast duck, and fresh fruits as well as vegan restaurants. Well, Charoenkrung has every sort of cuisine gathered here.

How to get there: BTS, Saphan Taksin Station

Operating hours: day and night

Recommended Restaurants:

– Ku Lap Pork Boat Noodle

– Prachak Roast Duck

– Tienzin Vegan Restaurant

– Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant





5.Talad Plu

A traditional street food destination that stems from Wongwien Yai. It is packed with international cuisines and a wide range of food options – many restaurants are guaranteed by awards and certifications. Take this auntie’s old-school Vietnamese stuffed crispy omelets place for example. She placed all her pictures and prizes on the electric post. Why waste more time? Come here at once!

How to get there: BTS, Talad Plu Sation

Operating hours: 24/7

Recommended Restaurants:

– Ting Fish Rich Soup

– Somsak Steamed Crab Meat


Well, those foodie destinations make you feel like you wanna go there and grab something to eat right away? Strolling around while eating food seems to be the idea you can’t resist. Forget about getting fat, it is time for food here!


luggage delivery


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Bangkok Luggage Delivery Solution! 3 Reasons Why You Need AIRPORTELs

Luggage Storage Bangkok for The Better Convenience by AIRPORTELs



Bangkok Luggage Delivery Solution! 3 Reasons Why You Need AIRPORTELs

luggage delivery,luggage delivery solution

Bangkok Luggage Delivery Solution! 3 Reasons Why You Need AIRPORTELs

Greeting from one of the South East Asia’s top destinations: Bangkok! Is Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Khao San Road or Chatuchak Weekend Market in your travel wish lists? There are BTS, MRT or other transportation providing for your convenience, but not with your luggage for sure.


Have you heard it? Its taxi scam!

            There are plenty of good taxi drivers in Bangkok. However, there is no guarantee that you will find one. Even though it states clearly that they are taximeters, but they rarely offer this option, especially when you are tourists.  Luckily, there are Uber and Grab Taxi come and rescue you, but that’s not the end. Intention arises between Uber/Grab Taxi drivers and regular taxi drivers. In some area, this intension can cause physical damages. 




55333713 – traffic jam on the central world area,thailand.

You find a goof taxi, but traffic isnt good for you.

            Congratulation, if you find a good taxi that offers you fair rate. Now, you can sit in the cab and wait and wait and keep waiting until you reach your preferred destination. You may have to wait like forever since traffic problem in Bangkok is no joke. You may need to cut out some places in your wish lists since you don’t have enough time. Even worse, you may miss the flight.


Is Mass Transit a good Choice?         

There are three main mass transits in Bangkok: BTS, MRT and Airport Rail Link. There is a funny story which may confuse you. The interchanges between these three systems don’t have the same names. For example, BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumviti are located in the same area. Due to security concern, every mass transit station will require you to open your luggage to check. You can imagine how hard your life will be to pack everything back in your luggage. Moreover, every space in the train is precious in the hustle time and then your luggage is there.


That’s why AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery Bangkok and Luggage Storage Bangkok is favorite tourist’s solution.

Luggage delivey,airportels,luggage delivery solution

AIRPORTELs represents Luggage Delivery Bangkok between hotels and airport. This service allows you to start your journey right after your landing or capture every single moment of your last day of trip. You can leave your luggage at AIRPOTELs counter or hotels with the same price of 350 THB without restriction on size, weight or distance.

Not only in Bangkok! No matter what your next destination is: the North’s classic vibe and nature like Chiang Mai or the South’s beach vibe like Phuket. AIRPORTELs can delivery luggage to Chiang Mai or Phuket as well at the start rate of 850 THB. This service will help you continue your smooth trips and travel light.


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AIRPORTELs also offers Luggage Storage in Bangkok for those who look for short term and long term luggage storage. You can find AIRPORTELs Luggage storage at Suvarnbhumi Airport, MBK and Terminal 21 with the fair rate at 100 THB/Day

Stop being chained to your luggage. Let yourself free and enjoy your trip in Thailand.


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Do you know? What is your suitable way to airport?



Malika City Kanchanaburi – Ancient Siam

5 Things When Lost in Time in Malika City Kanchanaburi

malika city kanchanaburi

                Malika City Kanchanaburi, A tourism attraction most interesting at this moment should be Kanchanaburi province for its wide variety of places to go to, such as Sangkhla Buri district, the bridge over the river Kwai, Srinakarin Dam, underwater Temple Church at Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Erawan waterfall, or Thailand–Burma Railway Centre.  And to top that list, we recommend a small cozy town called Mallika R.E. 124 (or the Year 1905 A.D.)  (R.E. stands for Rattanakosin era.)

                Today, we are taking you back in time in the reign of King Rama V, the year R.E. 124, when the town’s people were living by the Chao Phraya Basin in the beautiful town called Malika.  We will bring out some of the most interesting things to explore.

  1. 1. Strolling over the Han bridge

                The Han bridge earned its name from the way it was originally built from a slab of wooden board long enough to extend the width of the waterway.  One end was nailed dead to the ground, while the other was not, so it can be swung to make way for the boats paddling down the waterway.  Then HM King Rama IV expressed his kindness to rebuild the bridge, redesigned to be made from steel frame and padded down with wooden boards.  Until HM King Rama V took the reign, was the bridge rebuilt with new design of wooden arch span like that of the Rialto Bridge in Venice and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

                The Han Bridge brings back the memory of the life along both shores from the past.  The merchants used to sail their boats bringing their merchandise to the market of people lived ashore and came out of their Thai traditional style houses.  In the present days, visitors can douse their hunger with authentic cuisines from the Thai restaurants along the shores.  All merchants are suited up in Thai traditional outfits that go together with the town’s arts and building styles that have been preserved through time.


  1. 2. Thai vintage clothing for rent

                Malika City Kanchanaburi is a vintage town, so visitors who are in the right mood, they find rentals of vintage clothing that fits their size.  And we must say that you should do so, just so you do not look out of place, because almost all tourists, officials, and merchants are all outfitted in vintage clothing.  No need to bashful, as it is not often you can find a town like this.  We cannot stress how important and fun this experience can bring you!  The rental price is as follows:

(1) Female

Price 200 baht : shawl, Thai loincloth, jewelry, belt and an umbrella

Price 300 baht : ham sleeved shirts, satin sash, Thai loincloth, jewelry, belt and an umbrella

(2) Male

Price 100 baht : Kui-heng shirt, Thai loincloth and waistband

Price 300 baht : royal pattened shirt, Thai loincloth

(3) Child

Price 50 baht : round basket collar shirt for girls, Kui-heng shirt for boys and Thai loincloth

Remark: All prices are subject to change on certain dates.


  1. 3. Be lugged around town

Pulled rickshaws are charming in a town like Malika.  Back in the reign of King Rama V, the Chinese immigrants were the ones pulling them around town.  Visitors can get the service for just 50 baht per trip.  Tickets are available at the ticket center at the town center.  Find out how it must have felt like in the old days when mostly well-to-do women used to be lugged around town in these pulled rickshaws.


  1. 4. Holed coins

                The currency used in ancient Ayutthaya and Sukhothai was holed coins.  At Malika City Kanchanaburi , they are also using those to buy products and services throughout the town and this town only.  Yes, we must warn the visitors to be careful of the money and keep close watch.  It is rather strange experience but charming nevertheless.  The exchange rate is about 5 baht a satang, being the unit of currency of these holed coins, and there are 1, 2, 5, and 10 satang available.


  1. 5. A taste of authentic Thai cuisine

                After getting tired from taking selfies and making your friends jealous, if you are hungry, the locals are ready to service you with authentic Thai menus, food, desserts, drinks, fresh produce, dried fruits, and preserves.  There is so many shops to choose beginning from the entrance down to the town center.  Many are making your servings right in front of you.  Pick up the food, and feel free to walk around.  After meal, take a look at the souvenir shops and take something back for the folks at home.


                For those who want to shy away from the chaos in the city, come and relax in this old town that is well preserved through its history, Malika City Kanchanaburi .  They are open from 9.00 – 18.00.  All day ticket for adult is just 250 baht, child and senior just 120 baht.  A ticket for dinners and evening exhibitions for adults is 700 baht and child and senior just 350 baht.


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Scream out loud at 5 Thailand’s Theme Parks

Top 10 Thai souvenirs most tourists crave


Scream out loud at 5 Thailand’s Theme Parks – AIRPORTELs.asia

Scream out loud at 5 Thailand’s Theme Parks

            If it is really rainy season in Thailand, what’s up with the heat!?  Yes, that’s right.  It’s still pretty hot here in Thailand even in rainy season.  So why not take a break?  But wait!  Where to go to have all out-of-this-world type of fun that the rain can’t bring you down?  Allow us a second.  Let us guide you through 5 freaking fun theme parks that you surely should not miss!

  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Siam Park City (Suan Siam), Bangkok

            We are certain that many of you thrill seekers have heard of this theme park, because Siam Park City has been opened for at least 30 years now.  It is a large amusement park and water park span the area of 119 acres, sitting so close to Bangkok.  It is fully equipped with numerous rides for adrenaline addicts to scream out loud all day.  The park prepares safe fun rides for kids as well.  The main attraction of Siam Park City is a large artificial sea and a swimming pool that awaits swimmers to slide down the 7-story tall water-slider.  Here are 5 zones of the most terrifying thrills that visitors shall be drawn to:

            (1) Water Park – It is the largest one on the planet according to Guinness World Records.  That sounds interesting.  For kids, they can go floating round and round in a whirlpool.

            (2) X-Zone is full of fun and challenges.  There are various rides to enjoy such as the boomerang, giant spider, flying balloon.

            (3) Family World is a zone for wholesome family fun where every member can enjoy the same ride and gain tidbits of knowledge about wild life at the same time.

            (4) Fantasy World is a zone for visitors, who have sought the rides of their dreams their whole life, find the end of the quest here.  Get on Rock & Roll, or Two-headed dragon boat, and see for yourself.

            (5) Small World is a zone for little kids no taller than 130 centimeters.  Yes, there are plenty of colorful fun attractions, and they are intended to inspire them rather than pure fun.

Hours : 10.00 – 18.00 (Daily)

Ticket fees : Adults 900 baht.  Child (below 130 cm tall) 120 baht.  One ticket gives pass to both amusement park and water park.

Location : 203 Suan Siam RD, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok 10230



  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Dream World, Pathum Thani Province

            As the name suggests, Dream World gives visitors of all ages a world of their dream.  The park opened on February 5, 1994.  (Boy!  Do I feel old!)  It extends 63 acres and is divided into 4 eternally fun zones:

            (1) Dream Wolrd Plaza is a zone enriched with beautiful things that anyone dares dreaming of.  Along the trail in this zone, visitors can find a lot of fancy architectures and ornate structures all around them.

            (2) Dream Garden is a vast floral zone.  The flowers are housed under several majestic sanctuaries, surrounded by shimmering lakes that lend themselves for cool quiet breeze all day.  Visitors can spend all day here and never get tired, but in case they do, just hop on a cable car and enjoy the ride overlooking the garden from above.

            (3) Fantasy Land is one zone that all the girls will adore, because it is full of myths and fairies, some of which are the castle of sleeping beauty, gingerbread house, and giant’s house.  Feel free to find or wait to be rescued by a worthy prince of fairy land and live happily ever after.

            (4) Adventure Land is a zone for adventurer seeking exhilarating fun, testing their fears with many exciting high-rising rides such as Sky Coaster, Sightseeing Train, Viking, Snow Town, and Haunted Mansion

Hours : 10.00 – 17.00 (Daily)

Admission Tickets :

– Adult 150 baht, child 120 baht.

– Ticket and rides combo: 395 baht (one ride only) 440 baht (multiple rides)

– Tourists or non-Thai residents 450 baht

Location : 62 Moo. 1 Rangsit-Ongkarak Road Km 7, Bueng Yitho, Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani 12130



  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Santorini Park, Cha-am

            Built to serve a unique experience to the visitors, Santorini Park started with the inspiration to be “Amused Shopping Experience” or a new exciting shopping experience under the clear blue sky.  The architecture of the park is no less beautiful than the Santorini Island in Greece.  Plus, it is thronged with Bougainvillea which is the symbol of island.  Santorini Park is a theme park that features many different types of rides, such as Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, G-Max Reverse Bungee, Capsule Flip Up the Sky, G-Max Giant Swing, and more.  Specifically designed for kids, comes Wallholla, a jungle gym whose design was approved by Netherland.  7D Dark Ride is a ride most technologically advanced.  4DX Rider is a 4-dimension theater to allow the audience to experience excitement and adventure while strapped safely to their seats.  At this time, Slider and Water Ball are open free of charge, so all visitors can go crazy!  Asides from it all, you can take selfies of you and buddies with fantastic architecture in the background such water fountains, and many fine arts built all through the park where shopping addicts can still tag along and never miss the beat.  Plus, you can earn bonus from shopping in the park and reimburse it for food and snacks too!

Admission Ticket : 50 baht

Hours : 10.00 – 20.00 น.

Location : Khao Yai sub-district, Cha-am district, Phetchaburi          province 76120


  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Santorini Water Fantasy, Cha-am

            Imagine a water park in this modern digital era, and this is Santorini Water Fantasy, the one and only one in Asia that meets the expectation!  Everything about it is so hi-tech, and no other can come close.  They have a whole hose of rides and attractions as classy as the third best in the world.  They are not just for insane thrills, but their safety was approved according to world standards.  The water park provides additional service called “Santarini Connects” that allows visitors to register for admission with their Facebook account and with their wrist bands, visitors can purchase digital money, stored digitally in the wrist band, and go have fun.  The band can be used to upload photos of your moments to your social account as you are having fun around all 5 sliders in the park: Ares’s King Cobra, Apollo’s Drop Screamer, Vulcan’s Kamikaze, Bacchus’s Magic Hole, and Venus Free Fly!

Admission Ticket :

– Adult 900 baht

– Child (90-130 cm tall) 500 baht

– Person with disability (identification card required) 500 baht

– Senior (over 55 years old) 500 baht

Hours : 10.00 – 20.00

Location : Khao Yai sub-district, Cha-am district, Phetchaburi          province 76120


  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, Pattaya

            Cartoon Network Amazone is a spanking new water park in Thailand, built with such large investment of more than a billion dollars!!!  It is designed to win the hearts of Cartoon Network audience, by magically bringing the cartoon characters to life under water park theme.  Be prepared for the grandeur of fun in the first Cartoon Network water park in the world!!!  It’s a sure success from the start.

            According to the executives, they admit that Thai’s heart-felt generosity and simplicity has always been in their heart.  They are very fond of Thailand so profoundly that they decided to open the first location here.  Asides from that, they acknowledged the fact that all other Asian countries already had their own water parks and since Thailand has always topped the to-go list for tourists, a well-run water park would only attract them even more.  That’s just so smart of them!  So a water park with many rides and cartoon characters were built, and it will certainly attract both young kids and adults to come!

Hours : 9.00 – 18.00 (Daily except for Sunday)

Admission Tickets : Adult (age 13 – 64 years old) 1,290 baht.  Child (age 3 – 12 years old) 890 baht

Location : 888 Moo.8 Na Jomtien sub-district, Sattahip district, Chonburi province


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Top 10 Thai souvenirs most tourists crave

 10 Thai souvenirs most tourists crave for.

Thai souvenirs most tourists crave


For perfect souvenirs to bring home with, here are some very well-known Thai products That you should find in Thailand only.  Do you know which ones?  Tick-tock, tick-tock, . . .  We’ll give you a hint.  These are 10 most favorite souvenirs for tourists to remember Thailand by, and to make perfect gifts for folks at home.

  1. Curry and spice

Thai cuisine is very prominent when it comes to curry and spice that bring sweats and tears just by a few sips of hot and spicy curry.  We know foreigners love Thai spicy foods, while some are still too shy to admit.  Back home, if Thai curry is a bit too expensive, you can save serious money getting here and bring back.  Use it learn to cook Thai spicy dishes, or add new pungent flavor to your bland menu.


  1. Ointment and smelling salt

It is very surprising that ointment and smelling salt are very popular among Thai souvenirs.  But come to think of it, they are not easy to find in your homeland, aren’t they?  You are going to love the soothingly fresh smell of Thai smelling salt and it is good for kidneys too.


  1. Woven handbags

Women adore handicrafts.  Thai woven handbags are among the most amazing gifts perfect for women.  They should be woven by hand with uniquely elaborately materials, be it cotton or hemp for durability, then added with a few other decorative items or patterns and scream, “This is Thai hand woven bags.”


  1. Dusit milk powder pellet

Dusit milk tablets have been so popular among Thai kids and adults for its deliciously milky flavor that the Chinese could not resist getting them to sell in China.  It is highly rich in milk content, mild to the taste, and comes in sweetened and non-sweetened tablets.  It is a taste that you must try to describe it.  Dusit milk tablets sometimes are hard to find, and may even get pricey.  That goes for all things in large demands.


  1. Cha Tra Mue

Thai tea is second to none; just so you know.  This Thai tea in particular is bringing back tea rose hype in social media: Cha Tra Mue.  Not just helping your digesting system, this tea has its original formula that tastes so smooth, while exuding its fragrance going in.  This perfect gift must be bought here in Thailand only for its authenticity.


  1. Nanyang thong sandals

What is the big deal with sandals?  Right?  Yes, it is big when it comes to Nanyang, or better known among Thai hipsters as Chang-dao (Elephant under satellite stars.)  This Nanyang sandals were designed and made by Thai and it has been in business for many generations.  Find one, try them on and you will feel so comfortable for its authentic rubbery material made durable and suitable to walk on in any weather.  Wear them on comfy days, and kick back.  Plus, they are about a hundred baht in Thailand, but go as high as 700 baht abroad.


26171670 – beautiful thai girl in thai traditional costume
  1. Traditional Thai clothing

Traditional Thai clothing is one of the proudest customs that Thais have been preserving it so well.  The neat pattern and weaving style is a true art of handicraft that has handed down from generation to the next and it still goes on.  Most tourists are impressed by its charm and learn how Thais call their Thai traditional outfit as “Pha-lai-thai” or “Chut-thai.”  Do not forget to carry some back as a perfect gift for someone you love.


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  1. Thai silk

Thai silk began way back 3,000 years ago.  Come in many patterns, Thai silk, once tailored into outfits or clothing accessories, is so uniquely recognizable that it has been praised by both Thais and foreigners.  It is no doubt that Thai silk will make a perfect souvenir on your trip back home.


  1. Carved wooden furniture

Thai wood carving is a beautiful art that can be found in things as large as a house to as tiny as a keychain.  It is one of the real charms that never goes out of style.  Wooden furniture with carve works strongly appeal not just Thais, but also foreigners.  They feature identity of Thai arts and the blend into each piece of furniture of various shapes and forms.

  1. Ceramic

One of the common tableware that symbolically represents the heart and soul of Thai culture is ceramic, be it ornate dishes, bowls, cups and silverware imprinted by Thai painting which has folk stories to unfold.  They come in a variety of sets and styles, and they are absolutely collectibles that tourists usually crave for.


So you see now that Thai souvenirs, elaborate or hip, are just as unique as other countries’.  Why not pick some of them up before your departure?


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Tourist attractions in Thailand that never fall out of style

7 tourist attractions in Thailand that never fall out of style


Trendy tourist attractions are everywhere, but Thailand is one perfect spot for travelers that even under tight budget, you can go in style!

  1. Phu Tubberk, Phetchabun Province

Phu Tubberk is so well known among Thais that many wish to go there once in their life.  Most go for sea of fog, chilly atmosphere, and nice communities.  This mountain stands the tallest in Phetchabun Province with many rest stops along the trail for friends and family to stay outdoor picnic and camping overnight, and if desired, wait for dawn when the majestic sea of fog reveals for the world to see.


  1. Pine forest in Wat Chan Royal Project, Chiang Mai Province

Ease off the busy schedule, and unwind at pine forest in Wat Chan Royal Project.  Whoever come here shall be enticed by the charm of Thailand’s largest pine forest, the morning haze over the reservoir, the colorful leave shedding Oak trees, and night time twinkling stars, all of which every city dweller strives for.


  1. Prasat Phanom Rung, Buriram Province

Prasat Phanom Rung receives its magical power from Shiva lingam as the first ray of dawn runs straight through all 15 portals across the sanctuary.  It is an auspicious belief to start everyday with such awesome power from Shiva and the nature.  Be there by 6:30 in the morning or 5:30 in the evening, and wait for the sunlight to pass through all 15 portals, and be blessed by Shiva himself.


  1. Phu Kradueng, Lei Province

Thai couples hold their hands going up Phu Kradueng not just for kicks but to prove their love to one another for they must endure hardship together along the way.  Some past the uphill test, but broke up on the way downhill.  Some went up not as a couple, but returned with their romantic tale that withstood the test of time.  But not just for romance that travelers go for at Phu Kradueng, they journey uphill to see for themselves how the air feels like, how the wind sounds like, how the fog looks like, and as the sun shines bright, how the lifelong experience of true nature empowers them to take each step forward.


  1. Khao Chang Phueak, Kanchanaburi Province

For those adventurous some, seeking life on the edge, Khao Chang Phueak is a great destination.  Its summit, some twelve hundred meters above sea level, reveals the elephant-like ridges along the trail.  Going up there requires booking for only 60 thrill seekers can enter in a day.  To make it more mysteriously exciting, the park is open for reservation from October to February of the following year.


  1. Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road, Chonburi – Rayong – Chantaburi – Trad Province

Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road is a scenic route that extends the distance of the beach in Chantaburi Province.  The road is 80 kilometers long full of exquisite sites and tourist attractions easy to drive or bike from one to the other.  Indulge into the beauty of the shoreline, rippling wave, fresh produce, and local communities that will impress you with their generosity.


  1. Koh Lipe, Satun Province

Speaking of islands, Koh Lipe is Thailand’s paradise island, hands down.  The clear blue sea meets with the white fine sandy shore rendering a clean perfect image of great nature comparable to Maldives islands.  So go ahead and dive deep, wield the wind, strike the shining sun, and call it a day.


So you have it; 7 tourist attractions in Thailand that if you are not thinking of paying a visit, you’re out!  Better stay in trend, get up and ask your friends and family to go there with.



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Thailand’s Rainy Season: 10 hotspots worth beating

Thailand’s Rainy Season: 10 hotspots worth beating


Though the heat still lingers boiling in some areas and moderate in others, Thailand comes rainy season is still one charming sightseeing spot for visitors.  Even in shade or muggy rainfall, you can still imbibe that misty air and the smell of the lush landscape after the rain.  These are 10 top visiting sites that you can unwind and should not pass up even if it rains mad in Thailand.

Thailand’s Rainy Season

  1.  Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai Province

Of all the mountains in Thailand, Doi Inthanon reaches the furthest up.  The air is chilly all year round, a bit warmed up in summer.  Bikers and rovers alike love starting their adventure up the mountain in cool breeze, cruising gradually along the road with windows rolled down and feeling the misty air in serenity of nature most untouched.  The fog gathers thicker in rainy season than it does in winter.  The is formed in the woods, and is pushed out to the plain by the wind rendering the dreamiest landscape the nature could ever offer.  Going high up and pay respect to the miracle of nature that last only a few hours since dawn: the sea of fog.


  1.  Phu Langka Forest Park, Phayao Province

Phu Langka is another park that visitors blithely come time-and-time again to admire the sea of fog even in rainy season for those who miss out in the winter.  When the fog is formed over the fields of blooming colorful wild flowers just before dissipating into the wind, it is an unforgettable sight seared into one’s memory forever.


  1. Chiang Khan District, Lei Province

Indulge into one of the best preserved Thai traditional way-of-life of the northeast.  Experience uniquely charming landmark of Thai folk-style wooden house.  Then take a raft down Mekong and check out all colorful pebbles at Kaeng Khut Khu that spans almost fully across from side to side of the river.  And do not forget to catch the sea of fog on Phu Tok (the Lonely Mountain) that stands in the emblem of provincial seal.  Shoot selfies all you like for the world to see.  Tag the special someone along, and double the fun.  Or visiting alone, but the joy never seems any less.


  1. Siam Tulip Field, Chaiyaphum Province

From Pa Hin Ngam National Park, the scent of Siam Tulips field will leave visitors breathless.  During the rainy season from June to August, Siam Tulips are in bloom revealing their pinkish purple petals that simply matches the color of green field that extends for miles from Pa Hin Ngam National Park to Pha Sud Phandin (Earth’s Peak.)


  1. Raft ride, Kanchanaburi Province

Raft ride is great when traveling in group of friends and family.  Kanchanaburi has many routes to choose; from cruising down the river on a nice cool day to awesome adventure of wild stream.  Many rest stops are by the river ready to compliment your nice raft rides.


  1. Bee Park, Ratchaburi Province

Once an ore mine, Bee Park is just as beautiful in rainy season as it is in winter for its perfect blend of wild flowers, brooks in the midst of mountain range by the west border of Thailand.  Frequent travelers come to enjoy being close to nature on vast land, and visit the Phawotai Museum in Thai contemporary house design housing historical artifacts of the locals.  Also make sure to put these spots on the list: Baan Hom Tien, Alpaca Hill, and Veneto floating market.


  1. Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

This Thailand’s first national park is blessed with bountiful ecology of wild animals, perennial woods, flowers most sprung to life in rainy season – perfect for true nature lovers.  The air feels as light as a whisper perfect to visit some of the most frequent spots such as Hew Narok Waterfall, Hew Su Wat Waterfall, and Pha Kluai Mai Waterfall.  Then relax at Palio and feel at home, for their array of European style shops are screaming for you to take some snaps.


  1. Choew Lan Dam, Surat Thani Province

Choew Lan Dam or Khao Sok National Park is a top scenic spot for visitors to wake up in cool morning fog and burbling clear streams.  Feel free to go in.  Take a plunge or simply lay afloat all day.  For those who don’t with to get wet, rent a raft.  There is nothing better than being surrounded by nature sipping cold beers.


  1. Tee Lor Su Waterfall, Tak Province

Asides from being the largest waterfall in Thailand, Tee Lor Su’s second-to-none grandeur is best experienced in rainy season.  The sound of plunging water onto the rocks below can be heard all throughout the forest, so you know you are far from raucous car engine in the city.  Most wild flowers there are in full bloom just when the rainy season is ending.  That’s a tip for you, nature hunters.


  1. Krung Ching Waterfall, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

Originated in Khao Luang National Park, all 7 tiers of Krung Ching Waterfall are named Mud Pae, Fon San Ha, Plew, Jon, Joan, Ton Toh, and Wang Rua Bin.  The second tier is the largest and most beautiful for its gradual, almost artistically, trickling water, a perfect spot for family picnic and relax.


Asides from the above top 10, many other sites await you to explore and make a visit to remember for life!  Thais are known to be very friendly for foreigners.  They are polite and care very much for others wellbeing.  Your visit to Thailand will be so endearing once you get to see Thai smile; there is nothing like it.



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