Luggage Storage Bangkok for The Better Convenience by AIRPORTELs

Luggage Storage Bangkok at  Suvarnabhumi Airport ,

MBK Center and Terminal 21 in Bangkok Thailand by AIRPORTELs



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AIRPORTELs Counter at 6FL MBK shopping Center

AIRPORTRLs luggage storage bangkok starts your incredible day! Get to zone B, 6th floor, and Free deposit the luggage at AIRPORTELs in MBK center. Not enough or satisfied of shopping? No worries, Siam area is just 5 mins away from the sky walk. Deposit all your stuffs at luggage storage and keep enjoying. The best experience in Bangkok starts from keeping your hands free at AIRPORTELs luggage storage bangkok, MBK center.


AIRPORTELs  Service Counter will provide

  • Free luggage Storage at MBK Shopping Center
  • Free luggage Storage at Terminal 21
  • Free luggage Storage at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport for 3 days (Only valid for Luggage Delivery’s Customer)
  • A maximum compensation of 100,000 baht
  • 24-hour security


luggage delivery



  • Free luggage Storage Bangkok Service
  • Smart time management, allows you to manage your business and tourism plans efficiently
  • Easy to use luggage delivery service through ‘booking online’ and other platforms
  • A 100% guarantee that the luggage will arrive safely at its destination
  • A compensation of 100,000 baht
  • Status checks or inquiries around the clock through Facebook, Line, or WeChat with regular stats updates notified by e-mail
  • Luggage delivery between Suvarnabhumi Airport and hotels, condominiums, or guesthouses in Bangkok and Phuket area
  • Only 350 Baht with no limitations on weight, size, and distance!



luggage storage bangkok
AIRPORTELs Storage at Suvarnabhumi Airport


After hours of flying, we finally touch the ground Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok, Thailand. Hold on! How about the bags, suitcases, and the other luggage? We are coming for fun and vacation! After landing, the last thing to concern is about luggage handling. AIRPORTRLs provide luggage storage bangkok and luggage delivery service at Suvarnabhumi airport and MBK shopping center in Bangkok. Before you hop on the train to downtown, deposit the bulky ones at our luggage storage next to Airport Rail Link at Suvarnabhumi airport. What if you are staying longer in the city? You may deposit at AIRPORTRLs luggage storage bangkok in MBK, where just in the heart of Bangkok, Siam. Carry less, keep hands free and enjoy more. Try out AIRPORTRLs luggage storage in Bangkok, Thailand.
How to get into Bangkok dowtown? At Suvarnabhumi airport, you may choose city transfer (Airport Rail Link), Limousine (premium private transferring), taxi service, or mini van (to city attractions).



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AIRPOTELs Counter Map


Get bored of traffic jam? Airport Rail Link is the best choice to avoid the problem. In 30 mins, you will be at the city center. However, the walkway between the stations (Airport Rail Link to BTS city transfer) will get you in another issue. Who would like to carry a 26″, 20 kg suitcase to climb the stairs? Deposit your bags at luggage storage at the airport first and get rid of the problem! Leave the problems in hands and start enjoying your time right away. No thing can hold you back.
Limousine, a luxury and premium way to enjoy your way to the city. However, there’s another easier and more affordable choice than asking a private vehicle. Though in a better car, you may still get stuck in the most infamous congestion before starting your vacation. There’s no way to carry all your family, the pram and bulky luggage in a regular limousine. Deposit the big one at luggage storage first, and the problem is solved. AIRPORTELs luggage storage bangkok and luggage delivery service can also deliver it to any hotel in Bangkok, and luggage delivery has no restriction on lugagge size and weight!



luggage storage
Customer’ luggage


If your group has more 2 people and 2 large suitcases, don’t even think about that. To save costs, taxi drivers usually install a gas tank in the trunk. The limited space wouldn’t be able to carry all you and your stuffs. Besides, some tricky cheaters will suck your money up! Don’t believe in those excuses for getting lost  or weird recommendation. Grand palace opens everyday and sure as the other famous tourist attractions. In Bangkok, there’s much more choices than those cheap, scamming jewelry shops and pricy seafood restaurants. How about the toll fee for highway? Yes, it is a regular costs rather than a surcharge. Is it unclear? No, you didn’t do your homework well.
Mini vans, what localized experience! But don’t forget to buy an extra seat for your big luggage and prepare a bag for vomit.



airportels,luggage delivery,luggage storage bangkok,luggage storage
AIRPORTELs Counrt at Suvarnabhumi Airport


After all, what is the best choice for you? In the land of smiles, you will be amazed in every second (in either positive or negative way). But, don’t worry! There’s always a choice for you. AIRPORTELs provide professional luggage storage and luggage delivery service at Suvarnabhumi airport and MBK center in downtown Bangkok. We have no language barrier and all is clear! Think luggage needs, think AIRPORTELs. We will always stand by you whenever you need.
luggage delivery
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  1. Hello

    I need to store my suitcase for 17 days. How much are the charges?

    Thank you

    Katja Schlegel

    1. Hi Katja

      Price for storage service is 100 THB/Bag/Day

      No restriction on luggage size and weight.

      We currently provide promotion price for long-term (more than a week)
      500 THB/Bag/7 Days
      1,500 THB/Bag/30 Days

      If you deposit more than 3 days, we may provide luggage transfer service on way in Bangkok for free 😉

      If you have any further questions, please email us via [email protected]

      Wish you a pleasant journey in Thailand.


    2. Dear Katja,

      This also depends on where you storage.
      It might be 1,225 THB at Donmeung Airport or 1,500 THB at where else.


  2. Id like to store luggage at DMK airport. Where are you located in the airport and whta is the cost for 6 days? Also are you open 24 hours?

    1. Hello Kristin,

      Sorry to inform you that We don’t have the counter service in Donmeung Airport at the moment but you could leave your luggage at our counter service in the shopping center such as MBK and Terminal21.

      Cost of luggage deposit are as following
      1 day      100   Baht
      1 week     500   Baht
      1 Month   1,500 Baht
      6-8 Months 8,500 Baht
      11-12 Months 12,000 Baht

      Hope this is useful for you


  3. Hi

    We are plamning to store our luggages at either mbK ot terminal 21. I understand the cost per luggage per day is bht100. 7 to 10 Dec. So you provide delivery of our.luggage to our guest house on 10?

    We will be staying around near Platinum Mall, so I assume MBK is nearer. Pls advise.


    1. Hello Emily,

      Our suggestion would be anything that most convenient for you. We provide both luggage delivery and deposit service. Currently, we have promotion as deposit more than 4 days get free luggage delivery for those luggage you left with us.

      Hope this could help


  4. Hi I would like to store one piece of luggage from Nov 16 -Nov27. I’m arriving in Bangkok on Oct 22 but I don’t need to store my luggage until Nov 16. Is this luggage deposit open for 24 hrs each day? I will be picking up my luggage around 10:30 p.m. on Nov 27.
    How much would this cost me?

    1. Hi Erica,
      We open 8.00AM – 12.00AM on November so no worry about your pickup time.
      Our service fee is 100 Baht per day per luggage
      and for long deposit will be 500 Baht for 5-7 days and 1,500 Baht for 15 days to 30 days

  5. Our flight is going to land in Bangkok at 4AM. Will your storage facility at MBK Mall be open at that time? Is it open 24*7??

    1. AIRPORTELs at MBK open and close the same time as the shopping mall, 10.00AM to 10.00PM

  6. I need to store my surfboard at Survanabhumi Airport from 26th October until 19th November. There is no need for delivery- I will deposit the surfboard when I land and pick it up when I depart. Is this possible, and what would be the price?

  7. My international flight arrives at 11:00pm, will there be enough time to get through customs to leave a bag before your desk closes?

    1. We will close at 24.00 (Midnight) so it would be around 45 mins after you land. However, we would wait for you if you notice us in advance for another 30 mins.


  8. Hi, we are arriving tomorrow morning, (saturday nov 25). to BKK.
    Do you have pick up service ? we will not be able to go that far to your storage faciltiy.
    Otherwise do you know of a service to store luggage close to BKK ??
    thank you

    1. Hello Dave,

      Pickup service is not available at this moment and our counter actually not so far from the elevator.
      You could drop your luggage with us and get to the city by train that next to our counter, too.

      There are no storage service nearby BKK Airport only in the airport itself


  9. Hi,
    Can i store electronics with you airportels?
    It would be for a week!


    1. Dear BILLY,

      Yes you can store electronics stuff. But we don’t have insurance for Electronics or fragile stuff inside Sir 🙂

      1. Luggage storage fee : 1 Bag – 100 Baht (3 USD) per day, 

       2.  Luggage storage fee :1 Bag – 500 Baht (17 USD) per 1 week,

       3. Luggage storage fee : 1 Bag – 1,500 Baht (45USD) per 1 month,

      We have 5 counter service Available to serve you

      1. BKK Airport 08.00 AM – 00.00 AM
      2. MBK Centre shopping mall 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
      3. Terminal 21 shopping mall 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
      4. Central World Shopping mall 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
      5. DMK. Airport Open 24 hours

  10. I need to store a suitcase from 7 Jan to 14 Jan, is the price still 500 Baht for the week? Thank you!

    1. 7 – 14 Jan is 8 Days Sir.

      The cost will be 500 + 100 = 600 THB Sir.

      Thank you 🙂

  11. Hello. I will be in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport for international transit and I need to store my luggage for 3 days (while I will be travelling to Cambodia and back). Is there any way I can store my luggage in the international transit area or without having to go out of the airport? I do not have time for customs, visa etc.

    Many thanks in advance.

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