Scream out loud at 5 Thailand’s Theme Parks –

Scream out loud at 5 Thailand’s Theme Parks

            If it is really rainy season in Thailand, what’s up with the heat!?  Yes, that’s right.  It’s still pretty hot here in Thailand even in rainy season.  So why not take a break?  But wait!  Where to go to have all out-of-this-world type of fun that the rain can’t bring you down?  Allow us a second.  Let us guide you through 5 freaking fun theme parks that you surely should not miss!

  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Siam Park City (Suan Siam), Bangkok

            We are certain that many of you thrill seekers have heard of this theme park, because Siam Park City has been opened for at least 30 years now.  It is a large amusement park and water park span the area of 119 acres, sitting so close to Bangkok.  It is fully equipped with numerous rides for adrenaline addicts to scream out loud all day.  The park prepares safe fun rides for kids as well.  The main attraction of Siam Park City is a large artificial sea and a swimming pool that awaits swimmers to slide down the 7-story tall water-slider.  Here are 5 zones of the most terrifying thrills that visitors shall be drawn to:

            (1) Water Park – It is the largest one on the planet according to Guinness World Records.  That sounds interesting.  For kids, they can go floating round and round in a whirlpool.

            (2) X-Zone is full of fun and challenges.  There are various rides to enjoy such as the boomerang, giant spider, flying balloon.

            (3) Family World is a zone for wholesome family fun where every member can enjoy the same ride and gain tidbits of knowledge about wild life at the same time.

            (4) Fantasy World is a zone for visitors, who have sought the rides of their dreams their whole life, find the end of the quest here.  Get on Rock & Roll, or Two-headed dragon boat, and see for yourself.

            (5) Small World is a zone for little kids no taller than 130 centimeters.  Yes, there are plenty of colorful fun attractions, and they are intended to inspire them rather than pure fun.

Hours : 10.00 – 18.00 (Daily)

Ticket fees : Adults 900 baht.  Child (below 130 cm tall) 120 baht.  One ticket gives pass to both amusement park and water park.

Location : 203 Suan Siam RD, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok 10230



  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Dream World, Pathum Thani Province

            As the name suggests, Dream World gives visitors of all ages a world of their dream.  The park opened on February 5, 1994.  (Boy!  Do I feel old!)  It extends 63 acres and is divided into 4 eternally fun zones:

            (1) Dream Wolrd Plaza is a zone enriched with beautiful things that anyone dares dreaming of.  Along the trail in this zone, visitors can find a lot of fancy architectures and ornate structures all around them.

            (2) Dream Garden is a vast floral zone.  The flowers are housed under several majestic sanctuaries, surrounded by shimmering lakes that lend themselves for cool quiet breeze all day.  Visitors can spend all day here and never get tired, but in case they do, just hop on a cable car and enjoy the ride overlooking the garden from above.

            (3) Fantasy Land is one zone that all the girls will adore, because it is full of myths and fairies, some of which are the castle of sleeping beauty, gingerbread house, and giant’s house.  Feel free to find or wait to be rescued by a worthy prince of fairy land and live happily ever after.

            (4) Adventure Land is a zone for adventurer seeking exhilarating fun, testing their fears with many exciting high-rising rides such as Sky Coaster, Sightseeing Train, Viking, Snow Town, and Haunted Mansion

Hours : 10.00 – 17.00 (Daily)

Admission Tickets :

– Adult 150 baht, child 120 baht.

– Ticket and rides combo: 395 baht (one ride only) 440 baht (multiple rides)

– Tourists or non-Thai residents 450 baht

Location : 62 Moo. 1 Rangsit-Ongkarak Road Km 7, Bueng Yitho, Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani 12130



  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Santorini Park, Cha-am

            Built to serve a unique experience to the visitors, Santorini Park started with the inspiration to be “Amused Shopping Experience” or a new exciting shopping experience under the clear blue sky.  The architecture of the park is no less beautiful than the Santorini Island in Greece.  Plus, it is thronged with Bougainvillea which is the symbol of island.  Santorini Park is a theme park that features many different types of rides, such as Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, G-Max Reverse Bungee, Capsule Flip Up the Sky, G-Max Giant Swing, and more.  Specifically designed for kids, comes Wallholla, a jungle gym whose design was approved by Netherland.  7D Dark Ride is a ride most technologically advanced.  4DX Rider is a 4-dimension theater to allow the audience to experience excitement and adventure while strapped safely to their seats.  At this time, Slider and Water Ball are open free of charge, so all visitors can go crazy!  Asides from it all, you can take selfies of you and buddies with fantastic architecture in the background such water fountains, and many fine arts built all through the park where shopping addicts can still tag along and never miss the beat.  Plus, you can earn bonus from shopping in the park and reimburse it for food and snacks too!

Admission Ticket : 50 baht

Hours : 10.00 – 20.00 น.

Location : Khao Yai sub-district, Cha-am district, Phetchaburi          province 76120


  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Santorini Water Fantasy, Cha-am

            Imagine a water park in this modern digital era, and this is Santorini Water Fantasy, the one and only one in Asia that meets the expectation!  Everything about it is so hi-tech, and no other can come close.  They have a whole hose of rides and attractions as classy as the third best in the world.  They are not just for insane thrills, but their safety was approved according to world standards.  The water park provides additional service called “Santarini Connects” that allows visitors to register for admission with their Facebook account and with their wrist bands, visitors can purchase digital money, stored digitally in the wrist band, and go have fun.  The band can be used to upload photos of your moments to your social account as you are having fun around all 5 sliders in the park: Ares’s King Cobra, Apollo’s Drop Screamer, Vulcan’s Kamikaze, Bacchus’s Magic Hole, and Venus Free Fly!

Admission Ticket :

– Adult 900 baht

– Child (90-130 cm tall) 500 baht

– Person with disability (identification card required) 500 baht

– Senior (over 55 years old) 500 baht

Hours : 10.00 – 20.00

Location : Khao Yai sub-district, Cha-am district, Phetchaburi          province 76120


  1. Thailand’s theme parks: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, Pattaya

            Cartoon Network Amazone is a spanking new water park in Thailand, built with such large investment of more than a billion dollars!!!  It is designed to win the hearts of Cartoon Network audience, by magically bringing the cartoon characters to life under water park theme.  Be prepared for the grandeur of fun in the first Cartoon Network water park in the world!!!  It’s a sure success from the start.

            According to the executives, they admit that Thai’s heart-felt generosity and simplicity has always been in their heart.  They are very fond of Thailand so profoundly that they decided to open the first location here.  Asides from that, they acknowledged the fact that all other Asian countries already had their own water parks and since Thailand has always topped the to-go list for tourists, a well-run water park would only attract them even more.  That’s just so smart of them!  So a water park with many rides and cartoon characters were built, and it will certainly attract both young kids and adults to come!

Hours : 9.00 – 18.00 (Daily except for Sunday)

Admission Tickets : Adult (age 13 – 64 years old) 1,290 baht.  Child (age 3 – 12 years old) 890 baht

Location : 888 Moo.8 Na Jomtien sub-district, Sattahip district, Chonburi province


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