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5 Things When Lost in Time in Malika City Kanchanaburi

malika city kanchanaburi

                Malika City Kanchanaburi, A tourism attraction most interesting at this moment should be Kanchanaburi province for its wide variety of places to go to, such as Sangkhla Buri district, the bridge over the river Kwai, Srinakarin Dam, underwater Temple Church at Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Erawan waterfall, or Thailand–Burma Railway Centre.  And to top that list, we recommend a small cozy town called Mallika R.E. 124 (or the Year 1905 A.D.)  (R.E. stands for Rattanakosin era.)

                Today, we are taking you back in time in the reign of King Rama V, the year R.E. 124, when the town’s people were living by the Chao Phraya Basin in the beautiful town called Malika.  We will bring out some of the most interesting things to explore.

  1. 1. Strolling over the Han bridge

                The Han bridge earned its name from the way it was originally built from a slab of wooden board long enough to extend the width of the waterway.  One end was nailed dead to the ground, while the other was not, so it can be swung to make way for the boats paddling down the waterway.  Then HM King Rama IV expressed his kindness to rebuild the bridge, redesigned to be made from steel frame and padded down with wooden boards.  Until HM King Rama V took the reign, was the bridge rebuilt with new design of wooden arch span like that of the Rialto Bridge in Venice and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

                The Han Bridge brings back the memory of the life along both shores from the past.  The merchants used to sail their boats bringing their merchandise to the market of people lived ashore and came out of their Thai traditional style houses.  In the present days, visitors can douse their hunger with authentic cuisines from the Thai restaurants along the shores.  All merchants are suited up in Thai traditional outfits that go together with the town’s arts and building styles that have been preserved through time.


  1. 2. Thai vintage clothing for rent

                Malika City Kanchanaburi is a vintage town, so visitors who are in the right mood, they find rentals of vintage clothing that fits their size.  And we must say that you should do so, just so you do not look out of place, because almost all tourists, officials, and merchants are all outfitted in vintage clothing.  No need to bashful, as it is not often you can find a town like this.  We cannot stress how important and fun this experience can bring you!  The rental price is as follows:

(1) Female

Price 200 baht : shawl, Thai loincloth, jewelry, belt and an umbrella

Price 300 baht : ham sleeved shirts, satin sash, Thai loincloth, jewelry, belt and an umbrella

(2) Male

Price 100 baht : Kui-heng shirt, Thai loincloth and waistband

Price 300 baht : royal pattened shirt, Thai loincloth

(3) Child

Price 50 baht : round basket collar shirt for girls, Kui-heng shirt for boys and Thai loincloth

Remark: All prices are subject to change on certain dates.


  1. 3. Be lugged around town

Pulled rickshaws are charming in a town like Malika.  Back in the reign of King Rama V, the Chinese immigrants were the ones pulling them around town.  Visitors can get the service for just 50 baht per trip.  Tickets are available at the ticket center at the town center.  Find out how it must have felt like in the old days when mostly well-to-do women used to be lugged around town in these pulled rickshaws.


  1. 4. Holed coins

                The currency used in ancient Ayutthaya and Sukhothai was holed coins.  At Malika City Kanchanaburi , they are also using those to buy products and services throughout the town and this town only.  Yes, we must warn the visitors to be careful of the money and keep close watch.  It is rather strange experience but charming nevertheless.  The exchange rate is about 5 baht a satang, being the unit of currency of these holed coins, and there are 1, 2, 5, and 10 satang available.


  1. 5. A taste of authentic Thai cuisine

                After getting tired from taking selfies and making your friends jealous, if you are hungry, the locals are ready to service you with authentic Thai menus, food, desserts, drinks, fresh produce, dried fruits, and preserves.  There is so many shops to choose beginning from the entrance down to the town center.  Many are making your servings right in front of you.  Pick up the food, and feel free to walk around.  After meal, take a look at the souvenir shops and take something back for the folks at home.


                For those who want to shy away from the chaos in the city, come and relax in this old town that is well preserved through its history, Malika City Kanchanaburi .  They are open from 9.00 – 18.00.  All day ticket for adult is just 250 baht, child and senior just 120 baht.  A ticket for dinners and evening exhibitions for adults is 700 baht and child and senior just 350 baht.


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